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OpenBIOS is a free portable firmware implementation. The goal is to implement a 100% IEEE 1275-1994 (Referred to as Open Firmware) compliant firmware. Among its features, Open Firmware provides an instruction set independent device interface. This can be used to boot the operating system from expansion cards without native initialization code. It is OpenBIOS' goal to work on all common platforms, like x86, Alpha, AMD64 and IPF. With its flexible and modular design, OpenBIOS also targets embedded systems, where a sane and unified firmware is a crucial design goal and reduces porting efforts noticably.

Open Firmware is found on many servers and workstations and there are several commercial implementations from SUN, Firmworks, CodeGen, Apple, IBM and others.


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OpenBIOS is progressing quickly. See the development download page or the progress page for the latest overview information on how complete OpenBIOS is now.


The easiest way to get in contact with the OpenBIOS team is to subscribe the OpenBIOS mailinglist. If you want to contribute to OpenBIOS development, you should subscribe to the mailinglist as well. See further information on the mailinglist page

Project Statement

Our project statement contains some words about the intention of OpenBIOS and how we want to realize those goals. This is a rough draft of the dos and don'ts in the project and worthwhile reading if you consider contributing to the project.


Who are the people behind OpenBIOS? Who helped and contributed to make OpenBIOS as successful as it is today. See the growing credits page for a (yet incomplete) list of people contributing to OpenBIOS with hardware, patches, code, hints, etc.