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  $ svn co <nowiki> openfirmware</nowiki>
  $ svn co <nowiki> openfirmware</nowiki>

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In 2006 the company of Open Firmware inventor Mitch Bradley, Firmworks, Inc, released their Open Firmware implementation under a BSD license. This code shares some code with SUN's OpenBOOT implementation. It supports the x86 architecture and runs, amongst others, as a LinuxBIOS payload. It is the firmware implementation on the OLPC.


The code can be browsed online with the ViewVC facility.

The repository is available through Subversion:

You can check it out as follows:

 $ svn co svn://

if you want a specific revision:

 $ svn co svn:// -r 35

If your company installed a firewall that blocks the svn port (3690) you can also check out using the webdav frontend:

$ svn co openfirmware