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Open Firmware Companies/Vendor support

Open Firmware Documentation


  • Forth FAQ
  • kForth - programming examples
  • DPANS'94 [ HTML ] | [ PDF ] - very interesting: annex D and E.
  • Gforth - Forth implementation of the GNU project
  • PFE - The Portable Forth Environment is based on the ANSI Standard for Forth. It is targeted for embedded environments.
  • vnpforth - contains a traditional compiler, which turns Forth into standard object (.o) files
  • Moving Forth - Article on writing Forth Kernels by Brad Rodriguez
  • Hayes ANS compliance test - a test for ANS Forth compliance by John Hayes. The OpenBIOS forth kernel passes this test.
  • gfob - a forth source obfuscator
  • Thoughtful Programming and Forth - an essay by Jeff Fox.
  • Selected Forth Papers - at theforthsource.com

Stack Machines


Flashing on Linux Systems

  • MTD - Memory Technology Device Subsystem for Linux
  • /dev/bios - Flash ROM driver for Linux (for flashing System and PCI adapter firmware) (obsolete)
  • Uniflash (nonlinux)
  • flashrom (coreboot)

Other Open Source Firmware Implementations

  • coreboot - The coreboot project bootstraps systems to the point where they can run an OS kernel or any other application or bootloader from flash.
  • TIARA - TIARA, an Openbios/GRUB/PFORTH composite, BIOS replacement (dead?)
  • Proll - Proll is a firmware replacement for SUN JavaStations to boot Linux
  • GNUFI, an open source EFI implementation
  • redboot
  • SLOF
  • Open Hackware
  • SUN OpenBoot
  • GBIOS - GBIOS is a GPLed firmware for PowerPC G3/G4 and some Motorola cpus. (dead?)
  • ...

Virtual Machines and Emulation

  • QEMU
  • XEN Virtualization
  • Bochs - portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator
  • DOSemu - DOS Emulation for Linux
  • Hypervisor
  • ...

OpenBIOS tutorial