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Development contributions

  • Stefan Reinauer (project coordination, main development)
  • Patrick Mauritz (initial kernel work)
  • Samuel Rydh (forth interfaces, MOL port, ...)
  • BlueSwirl (Sparc/Sparc64 port)
  • Greg Watson (briq port)
  • David Paktor (improving Toke)
  • Chen-Chau Chu (ppc fixes)
  • Tim Barrett (detok patches)
  • Krishna Myneni (permission to include kForth examples with toke)
  • Laurent Vivier (ppc/qemu port)

Patches and other contributions from

  • Stefan Assmann
  • Paul Brook
  • Mark Cave-Ayland
  • Justin Chevrier
  • Peter Creath
  • Alexander Graf
  • Mike Hommey
  • Aurelien Jarno
  • Igor Kovalenko


  • Michael Gibson (EsEsIx) for donating a CS5530 based thin client for /dev/bios development.
  • chose OpenBIOS to be awarded in the spring 2002 grant cycle with US$1000. Thanks a lot for supporting our work!
  • Newisys funded the OpenBIOS project with a very nice piece of hardware, an Opteron based 1U 2CPU Newisys 2100. This machine is nowadays running and
  • Daniele Frijia for donating a Motorola PPC-machine

If you or somebody else is missing on this list, send an email to Stefan Reinauer